About our company

Message From Founder Quincy Newby:

Hi! As the owner of Newby's Computer Service I'd like to give you the back story of my dreams. Before the company idea was even concieved, I was a talented boy in working with computers. When I was young I would work with the VCR and the big stero system in my parents living room. My mama would give me a swat on the butt and tell me to not mess with it. Well you can tell how well that worked. I continued to help out and get in trouble with computers thorughout my school life. From my 3rd grade teacher telling my mama how much of a help I was when it comes to computers to getting in high school and breaking into the computer systems. Now that I've matured, I have dreamed of owning my own computer service to help all those out that wanted great computers but had trouble maintaining their systems.

The dream has happened and now I have the company I've been preparing for. We are here to help you and I promise you that this company will grow to become a great assest for St. George's communtity. Plan for some fun events as we grow. Also we hope to see each one of you at our events. We are excited, and we hope you are too. Thanks for your support.
Quincy Newby

Meet the team
Quincy Newby - Founder
Kevin King - Graphic Designer
Eric Diamond - Public Relations