About The Tournament

The competition will be fierce, the rewards undeniably awesome, and the outplays real. Prepare your friends and family for the battle on Summoners Rift.


Cash Prize

First and second place teams will receive a cash prize reward for their amazing talent and great teamwork.

Riot Prizes

The top four teams in the tournament are given RP prizes and tournament-exclusive Triumphant Ryze skin for the winners.

Make LoL Friends

A great opportunity to meet other players and make friends. As well you can show off your skills to local LoL players.

Meet Some Tournament Players

Team Member


Eric Diamond is part of the Newby's Computer Service team. Be careful what you do around him, he quickly punishes if you make a mistake and can be a bit of a bully during the laning phase.

Team Member


Quincy Newby is part of the Newby's Computer Service team. Always watching for an opportunity to outplay you in lane and find you in team fights.

Team Member


Kevin King is part of the Newby's Computer Service team. Known for his aggressive jungle style. He'll gank you when you least expect it.

We Love To Play Video Games

Believe us, there will be an official team of Newby's Computer Service to play against. We love games just as much as you do. Come prepared.. we are ready for you. In fact we are listening to "Be A Man" from Mulan. We are that serious about winning.

Register Your Team

Fill out this form and we'll email you the details to sign up for our tournament. Register today and start preparing your team!

Tournament Rules

Adding these later.