Our top features

Make Appointments

Manage your appointments online. Easy to use and simply fast. You can book appointments any time, from anywhere and on any device.

Personal Accounts

Create a free account and gain access to great features. Get one month free, make appointments, and be able to sign up for even more benefits.

Constant Check-ups

Just like your body, your computer is in need of check-ups too! Do not let it get out of control. We maintain your computers, so you can be completely carefree.

Informative Blogs

Empowering blogs that keep you informed on the top technology and new features we are offering.

Perfect Security

Your privacy is our top concern. We work hard to ensure your computer is always ready for use, without the need to worry about your privacy!

24/7 Support

You never know when your computer will act up, so be ready for it! Let us take off the pressure by being right there by your side.

Even more benefits

Secure Payments

Using PayPal, your information is protected and stored safely. Payments are encrypted, fast, and easy.

Super Fast

We are confident in our skills so we offer incredible speed and quality for the lowest prices around.

No Hassle, No Worries

Professional quality. We make sure you get the best service possible. So kick back and relax. We got you covered.

1 Hour Jobs

Why wait? Most jobs last only one hour! Get back to what you want to do, faster, with our services.

Advanced Technologies

No Hassle Appointments

Our website was built with you in mind. As customers we know how frustrating it can be to make an appointment over the phone or online. We made it simple! Our calendar was built with cutting edge technology, making it responsive and informative. Schedule a meeting a month away and be reminded of it the day before!

How To Make An Appointment:
1) Choose a Service
2) Select an Available Date & Time
3) Fill in Your Information
4) Confirm Information and Schedule Appointment

It's simple, it's easy to do, and anyone can do it! This really can make your life simpler and more carefree.

Easy Online Payment

It can be incredibly scary to pay online for the first time so we've made it easy by integrating the highest security payment firm out there. PayPal keeps your information safe and protects your payments.

No matter what you purchase or how you choose to pay, we don't charge you a transaction fee. It's that simple. We pay a small fee to securely handle your payment. We care that much.

For those new to PayPal, do not worry! You can complete your payment first, and then decide whether to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases. Member Subscriptions require PayPal accounts. These accounts are secure, and easy to setup. The checkout is more convenient, resulting in you being more satisfied as our customer.

24/7 Remote Support

We know that you can have problems with computers at any time and in different places. With our partner TeamViewer we can always be ready to support you.