How often has this happened to you? You turn on your computer, come back minutes later, and find it still isn't ready for use. Typical, right? Wrong. A new computer repair business, Newby's Computer Service, has launched, and is ready you help you with any and all computer issues. "Everyone who buys a new computer eventually finds that it starts slowing down." Says owner Quincy Newby. "People assume their computers are just getting old or that they've downloaded a virus. However, your computer can slow down simply from normal use."

Our business is about maintaining your computers so you don't have to find an expensive repair shop. By servicing your computers regularly, you can avoid common problems that plague most users.

Newby's Computer Service operates differently than a traditional computer repair shop. Instead of using a physical address, we are entirely online. We've built our website using the latest technologies and partnered with PayPal for secure payments. You can sign up, schedule, and pay from our website on any device: a desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone. What does that mean for you? We are a fast-paced company that will be there exactly when you need us.

We offer membership services, online appointment scheduling, and an amazing referral program to refer friends and family. "We've spent a year building our business model from the ground up to provide extraordinary customer service," said Kevin King, graphic designer for Newby's Computer Service.

To celebrate our grand opening we are offering a free one month subscription to new members. We also wish to extend an offer to local businesses in the Washington Area. We are pleased to announce our Partner Program. This allows local businesses an opportunity to get free advertising on our website. You can learn more about our Partner Program here.

"I know the community is gonna love Newby's Computer Service," says a beaming Quincy, "It's been a long time in the making and we're excited to get started."